Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quilted Holiday Saying Banners

Wine of the Day: Nothing.  Donated blood.

I've had another holiday decoration idea! 

Quilted Holiday Saying Banners

This one comes from Basket Full of Cherries on Etsy.  The burlap is a great natural material.  I think this would look lovely hanging from a mantle with maybe some pine cones and garland to add to the rustic, natural feel. I also like that it is red and green without being "christmas red and green".

This is another great example using the burlap natural look.  This one is from Thrown Together on Etsy.  It looks like this one has the letters painted on too.  This could be a fun project to do with friends that are not big into sewing or quilting.  I have a few friends in mind!

This is a great idea too!  Paper Junkies on Etsy made this out of paper.  I could easily do this out of felt I think though. Make each letter just like these ornaments and then just string them all together. 

Happy Holidays y'all!


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