Friday, October 26, 2012


Wine of the Day: nothing yet :(

Today, I came across this:

What a cute idea!  Thank you Say Yes to Hoboken!  This has inspired many ideas for Christmas ornaments for gifts and for me.  Being a mom to three cats means constant Christmas tree climbing.  I bought a fake tree the same year the girls came into my life but that has not stopped them.  Luckily only one ornament has been sacrificed so far but after that I have vowed to stick with what I consider "cat safe" ornaments.  This basically includes plush or plastic, non breakable, non shatterable ornaments.  These will be perfect! 

More ideas: 

This comes from Memi the Rainbow.

And then this:
which comes from Feeling Stitchy.

 Thank you fellow bloggers for such cute ideas!  Can't wait to get sewing :)


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  1. OMG, those kitty ornaments are just SO CUTE!! I feel a trip to Michael's is coming SOON! LOL Very cool ideas!