Monday, April 8, 2013

Kristen's Quilt Completed

Wine of the Day: Cavit - Sauvignon Blanc

 I don't know what they think is happening but as soon as I turned on my sewing machine I had 3 very eager helpers ready and waiting...

Moments later, I had 3 very lazy helpers sleeping and watching...

So this is how I worked as I finished Kristen's Quilt for Baby #3.  We're getting close to Baby's arrival and still don't know the gender.  I was hoping Kristen would crack and open the envelope to reveal the gender but she held strong!  No matter though, because the quilt will look just fine in a baby girl or baby boy's nursery.  I even tested my theory.

After this lovely photo shoot I finished up by washing and drying the blanket and it is now ready for delivery!  I cannot wait to meet the little one and hope he/she enjoys the blanket as much as my little furry ones do.


Sleeping cats


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