Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby Blanket Completed

Wine of the Day: DeLoach - Cabernet Sauvignon

The baby blanket is all finished and ready to be delivered to Wes and Kristy!  They still do not know that I made them a quilt so I am nervous and excited to have them open it. 

I am so glad that I went back and redid some of the quilting.  The fabric laid perfectly (well, almost perfectly) flat for me as I sewed on the edge.  The edging I decided to use is white to blend with the border so that the zebra print will stand out. Here is the finished product:


I think the fabric I used for the back was a good choice.  It has flowers in it without being super girly or too baby.   The color should be perfect to go in the nursery as well.  I know one baby that already loves it!  Here is Brutus taking his last snuggle before it goes into the wash. 

 Washed, dried, pressed one last time, and finally signed; the baby blanket is complete. You may notice that I signed this one 2013 when it was actually completed in 2012.  I consulted some crafty friends and the general consensus was to date it for the baby.  She will be arriving in January 2013, so that's the date I used.  I will be delivering it to the soon-to-be new parents this Thursday night at book club (which got rescheduled to Dec. 6, 2012).



  1. So VERY nice! Love it! Marla

  2. I really love that you put the date on your signature. It turned out great!!! Can't wait to see her face tonight! -S

  3. This came out perfect! The fabric was the terrific choice, it looks great in the nursery and the quality is amazing! This is such a special, one of a kind present and we will cherish it for a very long time! Thank you, Kara! Kristy, Wes and Baby Girl :)

  4. Love the quilts and the blog! Can't wait to see future projects!

  5. It turned out really pretty, Kara! I will definitely be following your blog to see what future fun stuff you make! I'm sure the parents will be thrilled! -Cindy

  6. Wow! That turned out great Kara-nice job!